Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Earlier this week my editors had me viewing and IDing a billion exit snaps of editors after the shows. I hope you never find yourself in this situation, on a deadline, without knowing how the hell Anna and Carine look like. So here are a few photographs from work of the editors you and your mother should know... for starters. I apologize for the cropping, I'm really not at liberty to show you these and it breaks my heart not to be able to show you guys what they are wearing. Its kind of like having the best most amazing boyfriend in the whole wide world ever... but then not having anyone to tell about it!

Anna Wintour
Editor in Chief
US Vogue

Roger as a bodyguard!

Carine Roitfeld
Editor in Chief
Vogue Paris

Giovanna Battaglia
Fashion Editor
L’uomo Vogue

Emmanuelle Alt
Fashion Director
Vogue Paris

Shes such a cool mom!

Anna Dello Russo
Fashion Editor at Large
Vogue Nippon

Kate Lanphear
Style Director

Taylor Tomasi
Sr. Market Editor
Teen Vogue

She has NY wrapped around her fingers

Mélanie Utzmann Huynh
Jr. Editor
Vogue Paris

Carine's right hand. She has the coolest job!

Franca Sozzani with Testino
Editor in Chief
Vogue Italia
Shes OG!

Screw your cable reality 'stars'!!! These are the people that need to be plastered on your wall. Even the girls of Sex and The City would be like chickens running around with their heads cut off without these lovely ladies!



  1. i would go lesbian in a second for emmanuelle

  2. haha!
    i would kill to be her 9 year old and highly fashionable daughter!!!